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Not Guilty on Union

To those of you who are returning to Athens, you need to check out the new food cart that rolled into town this summer! The Not Guilty Food Cart fights those craving of a quick bite between classes as well as the trans-fat and processed foods trend. This food cart serves all natural and local alternatives. Teaming up with the Athens County Visitors Bureau project 30 Mile Meal where they integrate locally produced items on their menu! With there changing menu with whats fresh that season your sure to have a colorful array of choices each visit.The hours fluctuate as they attend many festivals throughout the area but if your ever uptown and they are open you have to go try some of there freshly made dishes.

Don’t believe me? Check them out on Facebook!

Located on East Union St. Across from College Book Store!

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The Kennedy: OUr Kennedy

If you haven’t made your way up to the Kennedy Art Museum but you’ve been to the Ridges at night your missing out on wonderful daytime attractions! Currently on exhibit at the Kennedy is Women Artists in the 20th century. This exhibit catches your eye and makes you do a double take.  Check out this fabulous pieces of art!

As you enter the next room of the gallery your feelings shift, no longer are you looking at paintings but ceramic artwork, you have entered the exhibit Ceramics from the Frederick & Kazuko Harris Library Collection. Although a smaller exhibit it’s features are not, my favorite piece is below and it caught my eye the second I stepped into the room.

Last but certainly not least, Butterflies In Our Midst display was outstanding. A whole room with nothing but butterfly images covering each wall. The whole back wall was 80 regional artists from Athens, Morgan, Perry, Hocking, Vinton, Meigs, and Washington Counties. A call to action was set out across these counties to reflect a butterfly themed exhibition and called for artists submissions. In the words of the curator, “Here exemplifies artistic creativity, imagination and playfulness while utilizing a vast variety of art media, including painting, drawing, prints, ceramics, quilting, watercolor, needlepoint, and collage. ”

Gallery Hours

Mon. Tue. . . . . . . . . 10am – 5pm
Wed. Fri. . . . . . . . . . 10am – 5pm
Thurs. . . . . . . . . . . . 10am – 8pm
Sat. Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 – 5pm
University Holidays . . . . . closed

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The Passion Flower

The official flower of Athens in the Passion flower. The Passion Flower is created through an art studio, Passion Works, that supports the collaboration of artists with and without disabilities. Located just off Court St. at 20 E. State St, Passion Works is home to not only the Passion Flower but many other items for sale such as, jewelry, greeting cards, ornaments, paintings, and other items.  Living in Athens it’s hard not to see the Passion Flower around every turn, walking into any coffee house on campus, restaurants showcasing their individual flower, as well as the chatter about these wonderful works of art. Before leaving Athens you have to get a Passion Flower to take with you as your individual part of a wonderful program.

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 11am-5pm
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Geocaching in Athens!

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game where players try to locate hidden containers called Geocaches. To find the caches you need a GPS device. Some people use Garmin devices, but there are multiple apps you can download on your phone.

Erica’s first geocaching adventure, “I downloaded the app Intro to Geocaching, it’s free and it’s pretty easy to use. When I started off I was a little skeptical but after getting started it turned out to be pretty fun. I knew there was a cache up at The Ridges so I headed there first. The cache is located at the Kennedy Museum of Art where I visited Tuesday but it was pretty tough to find. It was my first time looking for a cache so I had no idea what I was looking for and I ended up just roaming around aimlessly for awhile. The clue was “to the left” and I couldn’t find anything to the left. I started to get little frustrated but then after crawling under a bush I found it totally hidden by leaves! This cache was a box and there was a ton of stuff inside, once you find the box you write your name in a book inside and you can take something out of the box and replace it with something else. The next cache I tried to find was at the OU baseball stadium. This was even harder for me to find! The app directed me to the general area, so I knew I was close I just could not find it anywhere. The clue was “water gate”, so I was looking all around this gated area and…nothing. After searching for a decent amount of time I was ready to give up, then I discovered the app has a compass on it that tells you exactly how many feet away you are. After using the compass feature I finallllly found it hanging from a sewer grate! This one was just a little black pill bottle and there was just a piece of paper inside to sign. Overall it was a fun experience, but I think it would be a little better when the weather is warmer. Next time I go Geocaching I think I will get a group of people to go and make a little competition, who can find the most Geocaches the quickest.

Thanks Erica for your great insight on how fun geocaching is!

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Ohio Brew Week

June 22-30, 2012-  In case you missed it Ohio Brew Week is one of the best weeks in Athens, and yes I said week. It’s a week long festival dedicated to tasting and sampling brews from breweries around the great state of Ohio. Bringing in over 176 different craft brews from 28 breweries state wide!

The keynote speaker this year was Christian Moerlein owner Greg Hardman. Hardman was a graduate from Ohio University and couldn’t wait to return to his old stomping grounds to discuss Cincinnati’s brewing history and the combination of German lager style that was so popular way back when in the 1880s.  Greg has been the owner of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co since 2004.

“Greg spearheaded a $10 million investment in craft brewing for Cincinnati, and is an inspiration for other visionaries in the craft brew industry,” said Dan Gates, director of Ohio Brew Week.

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Boogie on the Bricks

What began over 8 years ago was for uptown Athens businesses, during the summer months, to bring together the local residents and the visitors to Court Street. Bringing together these different groups of people and exposing them to the music, culture, and the best of what Athens has to offer created Boogie on the Bricks. Last years festival drew in the biggest crowd seen yet and hopes that this year would raise the bar even higher. According to festival director Will Drury, the festival has quickly grown into one of the region’s best events, bringing local residents, students, OU alums and former Athenians all together for a memorable day on the bricks.

This year Boogie welcomed Big Sam’s Funky Nation, who was a driving force of urban funk, who are also a New Orleans favorite funk band! Their lead trombonist has been on stage with none other than Dave Matthews Band, U2, and Green Day. Big Sam lite up Court St. with his one of kind sound accompanied by the screaming public wanting more when he wrapped up his set.  He surprised the viewers by coming back on stage with Elemental Groove Theory afterwards and giving an awesome closing show for Boogie on the Bricks.

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Hello Bobcats!

Welcome to the new Bobcats in Athens Blog! My name is Murphie Rambo and I have been interning this past summer with the Athens County Convention & Visitors Bureau! This blog has been created to show you the many different faces of Athens and yes this means beyond the bricks of Court St. Since the summer is wrapping up I’m going to catch you up on what you missed!

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The Dairy Barn Arts Center

If you are in the mood to check out some awesome art, The Dairy Barn Arts Center is the place to go! It is one of Southwest Ohio’s premier art galleries, and conveniently located a few minutes off campus. The Dairy Barn has different exhibitions throughout the year and there is also a little gallery shop to check out while you’re there. Currently on exhibition is “Beyond Words: The Art of the Graphic Novel.” This exhibition includes 44 international artists, which features the Wyckaert Collection. In the words of Carl Wyckaert himself it’s, “Where Literature and Visual Arts Meet.”